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Investing in the employee experience during uncertain times

Posted on 3/1/2023
When times are uncertain, it’s easy to want to scale back and spend less on your employees. But such decisions carry significant consequences. Two questions worth asking are, why and how should organizations maintain great employee experiences during

How to Make a Habit of Recognition

Posted on 2/18/2021
RPI’s 7 Best Practices were developed based on a wealth of knowledge, research and experiences to educate about how to create a successful recognition program.

Close Engagement Gaps with Little Actions: Appreciation in the Workplace

Posted on 11/18/2020
You say, “Thank you.” What they hear is, “Please accept my standard, HR protocol-approved format for acknowledging your most recent activity that was intended to bring me value. The act of expressing these words is purely my own in a personal capacit

Digitally Nurture Your Unique Communication Style in the Workplace

Posted on 11/18/2020
Good communication can be just as stimulating as coffee. And just like coffee, there are different brews of communication styles. Each has a different feel and a unique flavor. A quick look at legendary leaders and CXOs—and the way they interact with

“Small Talk” Is Big Business: Your Reason to Invest in Employee Engagement Technology

Posted on 11/13/2020
We all miss the #OldNormal workplace. And we miss the “small talk” most of all. This article talks about how these workplace conversations are central to your employee engagement and team engagement — and investing in employee engagement technology h

7/17/2023 - 7/19/2023
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