Celebrating Manon Provencher on Human Resource Professional Day

In honor of Human Resource Professional Day on September 26, 2023, Recognition Professionals International (RPI) is celebrating several outstanding HR professionals and the impact they have on others and the recognition industry. HR professionals dedicate their time and talent to employee recognition, development, and training employees to help their employees and organizations thrive. As advocates for positive employee experiences, they are at the forefront of the recognition industry.

Meet Manon Provencher, Payroll and Benefits Coordinator at Engage2Excel, Inc.

Manon has 25 years of experience in Human Resources. Prior to joining Engage2Excel, she worked as a Human Resources Technician for Starber International where she was responsible for recruitment, payroll, and benefits across Canada. She developed a strong working relationship with the management of this company, which was focused on employee well-being with an open-door philosophy. Manon then worked in the field of local and community service centers (CLSCs) and at Electrolux, a manufacturing company. These years were interspersed with the arrival of her three children, during which time she remained a stay-at-home mom for eight years before resuming her career in 2010. Manon's return wasn't so easy with all the changes in legislation and technology, but thanks to her friend and mentor, she was able to get back on track with her career in HR. Manon excels at what she does because of her ability to understand the ins and outs of the payroll and benefits field. She is a real asset to her company's growth! Today with over 12 years of service, she works closely with her US Payroll and Benefit Manager handling such a role for the Canadian division. She also has vast experience in implementing various HR systems and technology. Manon won the Core Values Award and was a finalist for the Innovation Award. 

How did you get started in your career?

I graduated with a college degree in human resources in 1989 which means I've been working in this field for over 25 years. I began my career with Starber International, a private company in the field of customs brokerage and international transit. This position brought me to work as an HR generalist. I was in charge of recruitment as well as payroll and benefits. This position was already customer service oriented as we had an open door policy which means the world to me!  Helping employees and managers have been my number one priority and I am truly grateful for getting roles that allow me to do so in my career.

What's your favorite part about working in HR?

What I like about HR is the diversity of the role which can go from getting involved in recruitment to onboarding, organizational development, H&S, and employee relations to the payroll and benefits. We do a little bit of everything and throughout my career I’ve worked with wonderful colleagues who are open to various cultures. I’ve gone through several challenges in my career, including the implementation of various payroll systems, the organization of social events, a merger and acquisition, etc. Even today, we are solidifying our Canadian-American HR partnership while ensuring that we continue to streamline on a global standpoint our HR systems, policies and best practices. This is certainly quite inspiring and keeps us on our toes! 

Manon always takes the time to recognize people around her in such a meaningful way. She also takes pride in her work and inspires others to do the same! She just has that ability to encourage the team to keep striving for excellence! We want her to know that we appreciate her efforts and are very grateful that she is part of our HR team.
–Isabelle Lavigne, E2E Group