Celebrating Shela Borr on Human Resource Professional Day

In honor of Human Resource Professional Day on September 26, 2023, Recognition Professionals International (RPI) is celebrating several outstanding HR professionals and the impact they have on others and the recognition industry. HR professionals dedicate their time and talent to employee recognition, development, and training employees to help their employees and organizations thrive. As advocates for positive employee experiences, they are at the forefront of the recognition industry.

Meet Shela Borr, Director of Human Resources at Armorous Security & Investigations in Santa Rosa, CA

Following her graduation from Sonoma State University with degrees in Sociology and Business, Shela began a career as a people manager but always had her heart set on moving into HR. She was drawn to HR because helping people grow and develop has always been a part of who she is. In fact, her first job was as a gymnastics coach after competing for years herself and it thrilled her to see the impact she was able to have on so many individuals. This inspired Shela to translate that passion into the business world, and now she gets to do that every day! At work Shela enjoys helping people find solutions that allow them to be their best self, developing support systems for the larger organization, and continuously learning and fine-tuning her skills. In her free time, Shela enjoys going to San Francisco Giants games with family, reading, trying new restaurants with friends, and of course relaxing at home with her kitty!

How did you get started in your career?

While I have always been interested in HR, I got my official start in this field thanks to the pandemic. Like many others, I unfortunately lost my job in the summer of 2020 as a people manager at a fashion/technology company and saw this as an opportunity to pursue a career I have always wanted. To get there, I signed up for online classes, watched webinars, and reached out to professionals in my network for support. By doing so, I was able to leverage my extensive management background into an HR role within a security company. From there I continued my ongoing HR education and leaned on my core belief that people matter to guide me into my current position. Today I am a SHRM certified HR professional at a growing security company as the Director of HR, and each day I have the opportunity to create positive change for those around me!

What's your favorite part about working in HR?

My favorite part about working in HR is getting to work and connect with a wide variety of people. In my current position I am in meetings with our CEO one minute discussing our benefit strategy for next year, and the next I am sitting with an employee coming up with a solution to support them in achieving work-life balance. My day-to-day varies based on current projects, employee needs, and problem-solving - all areas I am passionate about which makes work both exciting and fulfilling. I also really enjoy being in a 24/7 fast-paced industry like security and am so happy to have found a company that shares the values I have!
Shela consistently demonstrates an exceptional level of expertise and professionalism in all aspects of HR management. Shela's ability to handle a wide range of HR-related situations is truly commendable. Her knowledge and understanding of HR practices have greatly benefited our organization. She approaches her work with a genuine sense of care and empathy, which has created a positive and supportive work environment for our employees. Currently, I have had the privilege of collaborating with Shela on developing processes for our Operations Team, and I must say that working with her has been an absolute pleasure. She brings a wealth of knowledge and a proactive approach to the table, making the process not only efficient but also highly effective. Shela's dedication to improving our HR processes and ensuring the success of our Operations Team is truly commendable. In summary, Shela's contributions to our HR department have been invaluable. Her caring nature, deep understanding of HR principles, and collaborative approach make her an asset to any organization. I wholeheartedly recommend Shela for any HR-related role or project and am confident that she will continue to excel in her career.
Kevin Izard, Armorous Security & Investigations
Shela is a dedicated and powerful employee at our organization. She has such a balance of taking care of our employees and working hard for company growth. She is passionate and driven and we are so grateful to have her. I think she has many accomplishments ahead in her career.
–Britt Hanson, Armorous Security & Investigations
Shela has such a caring heart and came into this company with the goal of changing the role of HR in the security industry. She strives to be an ally for all employees and ensures that everyone is treated fairly. I believe her dedication has made a huge impact on our security guard employees who are used to other companies not caring about them.
–Lindsey Merrill, Armorous Security & Investigations
Shela Borr is a beacon in the field of Human Resources. She is not just an HR professional but a human-centric professional committed to the well-being of everyone she serves. Shela doesn’t merely enforce policy; she embodies the spirit of what Human Resources can and should be—a synergistic fusion of strategic acumen and human compassion. She doesn't just set the bar for what an HR Professional should be; she is the bar.
–Chris, Armorous Security & Investigations
Shela has been outstanding in her position and consistently goes out of her way to ensure all employees are happy and feel comfortable coming to HR with any questions and/or problems that arise. Her door is always open and she is exceptionally responsive. She was a tremendous help with me reaching a level of comfortability in my new position by constantly checking in with me, assisting me, and asking me questions about what HR could do to assist. She has given me information and ideas for where I would like my career to lead to and has been a good listener/problem solver when I have concerns. She constantly goes above and beyond and she genuinely cares about our employees, which shows.
–Brandon Buckley, Armorous Security & Investigations
Shela has exhibited a deep understanding of HR practices, policies, and procedures. Shela is highly knowledgeable and manages all HR matters with a calm and professional demeanor. She interacts with employees at all levels with tact, respect, empathy and genuine concern for the well-being of others. Shela has implemented streamlined processes that have resulted in increased efficiency and accuracy. Her commitment to professional growth development and maintaining a harmonious workplace atmosphere is one of the many ways she has made a difference for everyone at Armorous.
–Shannon Starkey, Armorous Security & Investigations
Shela constantly goes above and beyond for all employees within the company finding ways to resolve issues to ultimately enhance workplace happiness, and maintaining a fair and balanced attitude for all situations she comes across.
–Sebashtian Coval, Armorous Security & Investigations
I would like to recognize Shela Borr because she has truly changed this company with her knowledge, values, and true caring for our employees. She is new in the HR industry, but she has taken this role and made it more than what it normally is. HR is and can be a stressful, and not always positive role to be in. But with that, she still makes the positive changes in our company we need. HR doesn't get acknowledged as much as it should. Shela truly cares about each of our employees and is consistently making sure that the whole team is aligned with that core value as well, even when there might be pushback.
–Tawny Campbell, Armorous Security & Investigations