Strategic Industry Groups And Benefits

Incentive Marketing Association members have the opportunity to join one or more Strategic Industry Groups (SIGs). Each SIG represents companies that share similar products and/or services. While IMA is focusing on expanding the incentive marketplace as a whole, the individual SIGs work to meet the specific needs of its members. SIGs publish their own newsletters and sponsor their own educational programs, seminars, trade show exhibits and special events. Each SIG develops tools to promote its unique services to corporate incentive users. Contact the IMA office or click the SIG logo below for more detailed information about the IMA Strategic Industry Groups.

Incentive & Engagement Solution Providers (IESP)

IESP is the premier source for information and education on and delivery of international incentive programs. Our goal is to educate and promote the benefits of results-based incentive and recognition programs to the worldwide business community while providing value to its members by promoting their services, products, and brands.

Incentive Gift Card Council (IGCC)

IGCC was created to provide an awareness of gift cards/certificates as a viable option for use in premium and incentive programs. This SIG has worked to educate the industry on the benefits of gift cards/certificates including choice, value and service, and attributes recipients say that they want their awards to have.

Incentive Merchandise To Reward & Appreciate (IMRA)

IMRA is comprised of suppliers and independent manufacturers' sales representatives providing brand name merchandise to incentive program providers. IMRA's mission is to advocate the use of merchandise incentives as a proven method of delivering the designed outcomes in incentive programs. We are committed to professionalism in fulfilling our role as the source for merchandise incentives.

Incentive Travel Council (ITC)

ITC is focused on helping organizations better understand how they can continue to grow business performance through reward and recognition travel. Together we transform our passion for performance improvement through travel into meaningful industry action on behalf of our profession and clients.