What is Employee Recognition?

Employee recognition is a key element of a successful business strategy that focuses on acknowledging and celebrating employee achievements. Organizations develop recognition strategies to motivate employees and reinforce desired behaviors. Alongside increasing employee morale, a comprehensive recognition strategy can positively impact your bottom line. A study done by Forbes found that organizations that score in the top 20% for building a “recognition-rich culture” had a 31% lower voluntary turnover rate over other organizations.

Due to the lack of information surrounding employee recognition and building an effective recognition strategy, RPI has developed the RPI Best Practice Standards®. Utilized by HR Professionals across the globe to create and evaluate effective recognition programs, these best practices were developed with extensive research and shared experiences in the real world. The RPI Best Practice Standards® have been verified by countless analytical studies. 

Recognition Strategies and Resources

For more information on how to best build your recognition program for success, join RPI during one of our Essential Recognition programs! Gain real strategies and insights while building your authority in the field of recognition.