RPI Announces 2023 Best Practice Standards® Awards Recipients

Liquor Control Board of Ontario and Virtua Health were recognized for successfully implementing recognition programs that follow RPI Best Practice Standards.

BOSTON – July 19, 2023 – Recognition Professionals International (RPI) has honored the Liquor Control Board of Ontario, Canada and Virtua Health of New Jersey with its 2023 Best Practice Standards® Awards for their use of best practices in recognizing and engaging employees. 

The RPI Best Practice Standards Awards honor organizations for implementing the seven RPI Best Practice Standards®. The standards are based on knowledge gained from academic literature, professional conferences, and shared experiences in developing successful recognition programs. They are designed to be useful for creating and evaluating recognition programs in the public and private sectors, large and small organizations, and organizations with single or multiple locations or functions.

2023 RPI Best Practice Standards® Awards Recipients

Liquor Control Board of Ontario, (LCBO) achieved Standard #1 – Recognition Strategy.  A 2021 employee recognition assessment survey showed employee milestones were acknowledged on an ad-hoc basis and formalized awards lacked sustainability. As a result, LCBO developed a new strategy using a fully integrated and strategic recognition program aligned with company values and business goals. With a three-dimensional approach encompassing day-to-day, informal and formal recognition, LCBO aims to make recognition simple, personal, genuine, timely and consistent. The Cheers to You! program features multiple elements such as the Milestone Program-Moments Made Great, retirement recognition, a leader resource hub and employee appreciation week. By embracing a systematic and well-documented approach, LCBO hopes to ensure consistency and effectiveness in recognizing employee achievements and milestones.

Virtua Health achieved Standard #4 - Communications Plan. Virtua Health’s We Applaud program incorporates a range of communication initiatives to ensure effective recognition and engagement. New hires are welcomed through We Applaud emails that inform them about the eCard system, encouraging them to participate in the program from the start. The program also includes the We Awards, a nomination-based recognition program that culminates in onsite award ceremonies and executive appreciation. Social media plays a significant role including the We Applaud Rec Room (online platform), a dedicated Facebook group and Virtua Health’s LinkedIn page. A SharePoint site provides a hub for nomination criteria, timelines and showcases past winners, making it easy for colleagues to participate and engage with the program. Through these diverse communication initiatives, Virtua Health ensures that the We Applaud program effectively fosters a culture of recognition and celebrates the outstanding contributions of its dedicated workforce.

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