Take Your Career to the Next Level by Achieving Your CRP Designation!

RPI’s four-course sequence teaches professionals the fundamental steps for building a successful recognition program. The courses use the RPI Best Practice Standards®, as well as the latest information and practices to improve organizations around the world through employee recognition. Participants will develop the skills necessary for producing bottom-line results at their organizations. With the Certified Recognition Professional® designation, recognition professionals distinguish themselves as leaders in employee recognition.

Be Your Absolute Best!

All effective recognition programs are dynamic cycles of assessment, strategy, implementation, and review. While this cycle is easy to define, it’s difficult to execute well. Recognition Professionals International (RPI) developed the Certified Recognition Professional® (CRP) designation and curriculum to guide participants through the RPI Best Practice Standards® to produce measurable benefits for their organizations.

A vital part of any professional’s growth and development is access to educational opportunities that offer the ability to learn and grow. RPI has established performance standards and criteria for our profession that produce bottom-line results. The CRP curriculum is based on current trends and practices in the area of employee recognition.

Course Goals:

  • Raise the professional standards of those engaged in employee recognition
  • Encourage continuing education for professional development
  • Facilitate self-development by offering guidelines for achievement in the employee recognition profession
  • Identify and award special recognition to those persons who have demonstrated a comprehensive knowledge of those principles and practices of employee recognition and also laws governing and affecting employee recognition
Each course stands alone (recommended to take in order). When all are completed, they provide a holistic, comprehensive and essential guide that every recognition professional needs to design build, implement, measure, and maintain a successful recognition culture.
Practitioner Basic • Nonmember : $700/Course or $2,300 bundled
Practitioner Premium • Solution Provider Premium • Business Partner: $500/Course or $1,500 bundled

The Recognition Fundamentals course provides an overview of the RPI Best Practice Standards® and is developed from years of implementation and research. Promote awareness and develop a thorough understanding of the vital role recognition plays in organizations with this hour-long course. Recognition Fundamentals is a standalone, introductory course that is recommended but not required for CRP certification.

The multiple-choice exam is an open-book assessment that is administered at the end of each course and will be graded by the facilitator if the course is being take on site. All CRP courses also are available online as well, and testing is also part of the online option. Each course is self-paced and takes an average of 4-6 hours each. The questions are based on the course materials and all will be covered during the CRP course. 

The Limitless Value of Recertification

Graduates of the Certified Recognition Professionals® (CRP) designation must meet education requirements and pay a recertification fee every three years to maintain their CRP. The recertification fee is $150 for each three-year cycle, and this is paid at the time of recertification.

Recertification objectives require CRP graduates to:

  • Demonstrate through professional activities how you have been able to apply RPI Best Practice Standards®
  • Continually develop knowledge and skills as a recognition professional through an ongoing commitment to education
The process is to earn and record points in each of two categories – professional activities and professional development. Graduates enter the points on their transcript page by entering the date earned, description of the activity, and number of points earned. The transcript page shows accumulated points for each category, recertification date, total points needed and a summation of points earned to date.

Recertification Requirements:

A total of 60 points (20 points per year) in a variety of professional and continuing development areas satisfies the education portion of CRP recertification requirements. If the education and fee requirements are not met, the CRP designation will lapse and expire. 

Since becoming a Certified Recognition Professional 9 years ago, I have used the knowledge, expertise and industry best practices I gained to help my clients structure award-winning, sustainable programs. Each year RPI offers opportunities for professional development that allow CRPs to remain on the cutting edge of this dynamic industry and I am grateful to be a part of this thriving community. - Dee Hansford, CRP, Dee Hansford Consulting