IMA Industry Employee Recognition Experts

IMA members are the best recognition experts for information and education about incentive, engagement and recognition programs. That’s why we’ve created the IMA Industry Experts Bureau. The incentive experts bureau serves as a resource for people within the industry who are looking for speakers and authors regarding specific topics, and for the public and media.   

The experts bureau is an integral part of the IMA’s efforts to champion incentive, engagement and recognition programs within the business community. IMA industry experts share their knowledge by developing and presenting educational programs, and/or writing articles on topics across the incentive industry. There is no fee for using our IMA experts, though we do request that travel expenses are paid for as appropriate. To request a presenter, please complete the Expert Request Form or contact Ione Terrio. To contribute as an expert, members can sign up online.

Areas of expertise include the following:

Awards/Corporate Gifts

  • Award Vehicles, Award Investment, Tax Implications 
  • Brand Name Gifts
  • Cash v. Merchandise 
  • Corporate Gifting


  • Channel Incentives
  • Channel Loyalty

Corporate Gifts and Incentives

  • Benefits of Incentives
  • Designing Effective Incentive Programs 
  • General incentive programs
  • Loyalty, Reward & Recognition Programs
  • Migration of Promotional Product Specialists into Incentives
  • Personal & Company Branding 

Customer Loyalty

  • Customer loyalty strategy, program design and analytics
  • Consumer Promotions
  • Relationship/Loyalty Marketing/CRM


  • Virtual and Digital Solutions
  • Technology Platforms
  • Selling in a Digital World 
  • eCommerce
  • Digital Marketing, Email & Direct Response Marketing

Employee Engagement

  • Employee Engagement
  • Employee Recognition
  • Employee Referrals Programs

Events and Travel

  • Event Experiences 
  • Incentive Group Travel Planner
  • On site Events

Gift Cards

  • B2B Gift Cards
  • Ecard Product Development, Sales And Strategy
  • Future of GC Markets & Industry
  • Gift Card B2B Sales & Marketing
  • Gift Card Online Marketing (SEO/SEM/Affiliate)
  • Loss & Fraud Prevention in the Gift Card Industry
  • Prepaid/Emerging Payments
  • Third Party Gift Card Mall Expertise


  • Africa & Developing Territories
  • Economic & Audience Profiling in Africa
  • Fulfillment in Mexico for Overseas Incentive Companies 
  • International – Europe
  • Global Retail Relationships

Incentive and Engagement Solutions

  • Developing Solutions to Meet Market Demand
  • Human Behavior Motivation 
  • Types of Incentive Programs 
  • Incentive program design and communications
  • Program Logistics Methodology
  • Program Campaigns 
  • Safety & Wellness Incentive Programs 
  • Total Engagement / Total Rewards Solutions 
  • Strategic Program Design – Design thinking certificate from Darden Business School UVA
  • Health & Wellness Programs

Marketing, Communications & Business Development

  • B2B Marketing/Marketing Strategy
  • Brand & Advertising Strategies
  • Brand Management 
  • Communication Strategies 
  • Content Creation 
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Customer Acquisition/Lead Generation
  • Demand Generation
  • Lead generation
  • Marketing Programs
  • Marketing Strategy
  • New Business Analysis/Contract Negotiation
  • Prospecting New B2B clients
  • Public Relations
  • Trade Shows/ Choosing Trade Shows that Fit the Brand
  • Social Media/Interactive Marketing
  • Selling Incentives
  • Inbound Marketing 
  • Motivation; Igniting Passion in People 


  • Payment & Fulfillment Solutions in BRICS
  • Payment Industry: Merchant Processing, Payment Solutions, Transaction Processing, Mobile Payments


  • Rep. Group Management
  • Selecting Reps, Distributors and Advertising

Sales Incentives

  • Direct Sales Motivation strategy, design and analytics 
  • Indirect Sales (Channel Dealer) motivation strategy, program design and analytics
  • Sales operations/process/management
  • Sales Incentives and Channel Programs


  • Achieving goals through partnerships (in and out of incentive industry)
  • Entrepreneurism 
  • Industry Research and Analysis
  • Market Trends and Outlook
  • Innovation/Product Design
  • Membership programs 
  • Organizational Culture; Culture Alignment 
  • Partner Enablement
  • Primary & Secondary Markets
  • Standalone Platforms Like Peer-To-Peer, Spot Awards, Sales Incentives, Employee and Customer Loyalty
  • Strategy, Planning, Budgeting & Analysis
  • Storytelling 
  • The “How To” for Entering the Premium Maze
  • Training for End Users and Resellers