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All effective recognition programs are dynamic cycles of assessment, strategy, implementation, and review. The Certified Recognition Professional® (CRP) program will guide you through Best Practice processes and standards and ensure the success of your recognition program. Read more.

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Our new online Recognition Fundamentals course is an engaging way to get your recognition started or revitalized. The interactive online course also includes a 50 page learning guide. Recognition Fundamentals is free ($150 value) if you join as a premium practitioner or business partner now or you can purchase it. Get started today!


Check out our member central to learn more about the benefits of membership. In addition to discounts to our experience conference and CRP designation courses, paid members get full access to the almost 30 on-demand webinars, dozens of white pages and case studies, a member directory and an online discussion group. Free Basic members get limited access. Join today.




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Don’t Get Skunked: The Health Risks of a Dysfunctional Workplace

You come home from the stereotypical “bad day at the office” feeling like you need a drink to calm down. You eat a big meal – bigger than normal – to take some comfort and forget about the stresses of the workplace. That night, you have trouble getting to sleep, replaying the previous day’s workplace stress in your head. Happens to all of us, right?

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