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CRP Recertification Lapsed Policy
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Graduates of the Certified Recognition Professionals® (CRP) designation must meet education requirements and pay a $150 recertification fee every three years to maintain their CRP title. This policy must be adhered to by both RPI members and non-members.

Learn more about the recertification process and the types of activities that must be completed by visiting Keep your CRP Certification  and Track Your Certification Credits.

Criteria that applies to expiring CRPs

  • All CRP graduates will receive a 90-day, 30-day, and final notice prior to the month their recertification is due.
  • All CRP graduates will receive a 30-day grace period before moving to a “Cancelled CRP Status”.
  • Once the CRP designation has been cancelled, former CRP graduates will have the option to recertify within the first six months after their recertification date has passed by taking and passing each CRP exam (cost: $100/exam).
  • Expired CRP graduates who fail a CRP exam must start that CRP course and retake the exam for that course (cost: $295/course).
  • After 6 months, expired CRP graduates must retake all courses and re-pass all exams ($100/ exam and $295/course).

Appeal Process

When extenuating circumstances occur, former CRP graduates who, for whatever reason, have not kept their certification current, should submit a written appeal. The Learning Action Team Chairperson will review the request with the Board of Directors and respond to your inquiry. Submit your written appeal to Jessica at

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