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Best Practices
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For a Meaningful Employee Recognition Program, Follow Best Practice Standards as Outlined by RPI

RPI’s best practices are so well thought out, they are actually trademarked as RPI Best Practice Standards®

These best practices are used by HR professionals to create and evaluate recognition programs in private and public organizations large and small.

RPI Best Practice Standards® have been developed not only on extensive research and knowledge from academia, but on shared experiences in the real world as well.  Our best practices have been verified by countless analytical studies.
There are seven RPI Best Practice Standards®: 

  • Recognition Strategy
  • Management Responsibility
  • Recognition Program Measurement
  • Communication Plan
  • Recognition Training
  • Recognition Events and Celebrations
  • Program Change and Flexibility

RPI has developed its RPI Best Practice Standards® program so as to:

  • Provide standards that are objective when it comes to creating and evaluating employee recognition strategies
  • Establish an objective manner in which to recognize firms that have successfully implemented such programs
  • Enable RPI’s membership to draw on concrete examples of successful recognition programs that have been created using proven best practices

RPI’s standards continue to evolve as we follow this ever-changing industry and as we study carefully-crafted programs that come to the attention of our judges during international competitions.

Employee performance is critical to organizations that want to succeed.  When a firm employs a systematic method of employee recognition based on proven best practices, the organization can better live up to its goals and its values.


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