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2007 Concurrent Sessions
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2007 Conference
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2007 Annual Conference
Concurrent Workshops

Monday, April 30, 2006 10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.


Going Global--The Challenge of Making Incentive Programs Work Worldwide
Derek Irvine
VP, Global Marketing 

Globoforce VP of Global Marketing & Client Strategy, Derek Irvine, will discuss the best practices for launching global reward and incentive programs to deliver optimal results. For an in-depth look at successful programs in action, these dynamic industry leaders will profile Dow's experience with its Recognition@Dow program as well as present case studies from other world-leading companies such as SAP and Reuters. 

Irvine will discuss how these global organizations are rolling out easy-to-manage reward and incentive programs that maintain program consistency and efficiency on a global scale while still ensuring local participants feel motivated and involved. Their presentation will address the benefits of non-cash recognition in building motivation across an organization and how running incentive and reward programs globally will successfully unite your workforce worldwide while also delivering an extra boost to your return on investment.


Tom Miller

The Ten Immutable Laws of Recognition and Why They Matter to You.
Tom Miller

"The Ten immutable Laws of Recognition and Why They Matter to You" provides an opportunity for attendees to evaluate research, statistics and case studies that provide compelling reasons for thinking holistically about your organization's recognition system. This presentation will primarily address recognition strategy. Tactical issues will be discussed-but only to the degree that they impact recognition strategy. This session is excellent for professionals that are in the process of evaluating the effectiveness of their recognition systems and that are looking for information that will provide thr basis for healthy change. 

Philip Philip

Employee Recognition at QUALCOMM- Hashed, Mashed, Baked & Fried
Philip Pins &  Sam Agia
Sr. Manager, HR Systems

QUALCOMM’s HR Systems Team set out to reengineer the employee recognition process. Having reviewed the vendor space and realizing their unique system requirements, QUALCOMM decided to develop their own web-based employee recognition application. The application spans the entire recognition process – from submittal and workflow approval to reward retrieval. With QUALCOMM's expanding global presence and unabated growth, the system continues to evolve and handled nearly 8,000 employee recognition submittals last year. 

Paula Mary Beth

Get It Together: Aligning Recogntion Systems and Practices to Reinforce Corporate Goals
Mary Beth McEuan, & Paula Godar
VP, Organization and People Potential & Director, Performance Stategy

Is recognition viewed in your organization as a valuable performance tool worthy of a systematic and consistent approach? Or is it something that's done in fits and starts according to budget availability and the differing philosophies of different department leaders? Do you wonder what the total recognition investment is? Or what overall business goals that investment supports? Do managers know the reasons to recognize people...and have the right skills and tools to do it well? Do they know how to mix formal and informal recognition to make it meaningful for all employees? This presentation will raise awareness of how recognition can become a more integrated part of your business and provide some steps to begin that worthwhile journey.


Tuesday, May 1, 2007 10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Developing and Implementing a Recognition Strategy
Diana Baranoski & Debbie Bosworth
Senior Human Resources Generalist,

This presentation will describe the journey of a large health system in developing and implementing a recogniton strategy. In 2004, Spectrum Health conducted a comprehensive Staff Perception Survey, which identified recognition as one of the top areas for improvement. In response, Spectrum Health began a journey to improve its staff recognition and satisfaction, including formation of a recognition action team with participants of executive leadership and staff at all levels in the organization. From here, Spectrum Health adopted the NAER recogniton standards, developed a comprehensive recognition strategic plan, evaluated and enhanced exsisting recognition programs and implemented new recognition initiatives, and measured results. Spectrum Health's 2006 Staff Perception Survey results showed dramatic improvement in recognition and overall staff satisfaction. 


Modern Interactive Recognition Programs for the Healthcare Industry

Walter Jenkins
Senior Vice President

For a company to achieve continuous growth it must provide a positive workplace where employees can reach their goals, succeed at higher levels, and feel genuinely appreciated in the process. To accomplish this, a high-performing company must develop its own culture of recognition. My presentation will enable participants to: design an effective employee recognition program, differentiate between best practices in employee recognition programs and trouble areas and adapt to future trends in the Healthcare industry as it pertains to employee recognition.

Raymond Sweet

Are We Still Having Fun?: Creating a FUN Atmosphere in a Stressful Sales Environment
Raymond Sweet
Sales Analyst-Incentives

Are We Still Having Fun? This exciting FUNshop is loaded with great ideas for incentive professionals. We will take an ordinary effort and make it extraordinary. Setting goals is not enough anymore. This session will give us ways to get everyone focused the same way. This won't be your ordinary workshop, prepare to engage, infuse and implement new ideas as soon as you get back home.

Barbara Ruddy

Daily Recognition on a Dime
Barbara Ruddy

Everyone in your organization sees stars; give them tools to recognize their peers. This fun and interactive session will explore the benefits of a multi-dimensional recognition strategy for your organization. It will focus on the success and importance of a Day-to-Day recognition program that will encourage all of your employees to become recognition supporters. If you are looking for something quick and easy to kick-start your recognition strategy with low costs, then this is the session to attend. 


Tuesday, May 1, 2007 3:15 p.m. - 4:15 p.m.

Roy Saunderson

50 Burning Recognition Questions Answered in 50 Fast Minutes
Roy Saunderson

Here's your opportunity to hear the answers to those troubling questions you and your peers have on the burning, hot employee recognition issues you currently face where you work.  Drawing on over ten years of consulting and training experience, recent surveys and research, you will receive one person's view on how to make employee recognition a way of life .  This will be a lively, fun presentation as participants present the questions while the clock ticks and counts down as a recognition expert attempts to answer each of your 50 questions in 50 minutes.  Each attendee will receive a compilation of all questions submitted with their answers for you to take away and consider when you return to work.

Dermer Wilcox

How the USPS Applied Technology & Partnership to Drive Employee Performance and Recognition

Clifton Wilcox + Michael Dermer
Compensation Specialist / President & CEO

When it comes to technology innovation, government agencies are not the first employers to come to mind. The United States Postal Service challenged conventional wisdom. Through an investment of over $2.5 million in its e-Awards technology platform and a partnership with technology and incentive provider IncentOne, the USPS created an integrated reward and recognition solution that enables it to drive performance and recognize its employees. Using its eAwards solution, the USPS measures employee performance metrics to the most minute detail and rewards employees for performance against the achievement of those objectives. Clifton Wilcox, Compensation Manager for the USPS, has used his extensive knowledge of the USPS' business drivers, to spearhead the effort to make the USPS a performance driven organization. Mr. Wilcox and Michael Dermer, President and CEO of IncentOne, will discuss how an integrated technology solution applied by the USPS can also be used by other employer organizations to drive performance and ROI.

Kande Culver

Employee Recognition in Higher Education and the Public Sector
Kande Culver  & Alyce Johnson
Program Administrator, Rewards and Recognition

This session is a facilitated conversation among employee recognition administrators in higher education and other non-profit organizations. Topics will include the unique challenges of providing employee recognition in public sector work settings; strategies and solutions that have been implemented to address those challenges; the level of success of these strategies and solutions; and how we measure the impact of our recognition programs.

Join this conversation for a rich and helpful exchange about your most pressing recognition challenges. Leave with suggestions and ideas for how to address them.

Ryan Maddux

Magician? Artist? Coach?- The Many Hats of the Recognition Consultant/Manager
Ryan Maddux
Recogntion Consultant

Have you ever wondered how you accomplish so much in your role as a recognition professional? So many people asking for so many things….but what you do for one group may not work for others? How do you manage their day-to-day expectations while providing your customers with the tools and programs they need to meet their recognition and retention goals? Who are your partners and are you identifying them? The session will be moderated and is an open forum for attendees to share some of the recognition challenges and successes they face. We will brainstorm and learn from one another on effective and innovative ways to excel in the recognition role, how to maintain flexibility and consistently work to enhance programs while meeting the changing needs of the business and team members.

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