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CRP Certification - Education Events
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Pre-Conference Education

CRP Course I, Certified Recognition Professional, (CRP)
(Pre-Registration and separate Registration Fee Required)

Sunday, April 30, 2006 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

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Certified Recognition Professionals, (CRP)

NAER is proud to announce Course I of the Certified Recognition Professional (CRP) curriculum.

Structuring Your Program for Success (SPS)

This one-day program will serve as a foundational, introductory course for other in-depth programs. SPS encompasses the seven NAER Best Practices Standards: Recognition Strategy, Management Responsibility, Measurement, Communications Plan, Training, Events and Celebrations, Change and Flexibility. Participants in this program will learn methodologies and tool utilization to support the knowledge and skills associated with these Best Practices Standards, with activities and actual examples throughout the course.

Certified Recognition Professional (CRP)

A vital part of any professional’s growth and development is access to an educational environment that offers the appropriate knowledge and skill set. NAER has established performance standards and criteria for our emerging profession. With these requisite responsibilities and skills in place, it is our intent to provide our members the educational opportunities and training necessary to achieve a heightened level of excellence and expertise.

Benefits of NAER’s CRP designation:

  1. Provides a means for Recognition Professionals to acquire needed skills and knowledge.

  2. Sets the standard for assessment of abilities and clarification of future expectations.

  3. Sets you apart as a Recognition Professional equipped with the expertise required to excel.

  4. Provides enterprises performance standards for Recognition Professionals.

  5. Provides enterprises a means to identify individuals who meet those standards.

The performance standards include criteria for effective recognition strategy and programs with real, business results. For example, certified recognition specialists are trained to determine the ROI for a recommended recognition strategy. They learn how to align recognition goals with enterprise goals and develop programs that will meet them, resulting in measurable, bottom-line results for the organization. They learn how to establish cost-effective processes for nominations, and award procurement and fulfillment.

To earn a Certified Recognition Professional (CRP) designation, participants will complete four facilitator-led courses. Course titles are as follows:

  1. Structuring Recognition Programs For Success

  2. Strategic Planning & Budgeting

  3. Program Maintenance & Measurement

  4. Applying Performance-Based Recognition Systems

Participants enrolled in the CRP program will apply new learnings through action-planning activities and discussions. These courses will apply sound adult learning principles to ensure transfer and retention of learning.

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