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Impending Global Workforce Talent Crisis-press release
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Impending Global Workforce Talent Crisis

May 22, 2007

There is an impending global workforce talent crisis. According to a new study done by the Center on Aging and Work at Boston College, the next decade will see millions retire. Companies everywhere will be fighting not only to find, but to keep a qualified workforce, thus bringing workplace rewards and recognition to the top of corporate agendas around the world. Recognition Professionals International (RPI), formerly NAER, is a professional non-profit association at the forefront of workplace recognition. Through its sole focus on recognition innovations and education as a systematic method for improvements in the workplace, RPI understands that key drivers behind employee engagement and retention are recognition and rewards. RPI are industry leaders in providing the most current tools and developments in workforce recognition as an indispensable corporate strategy.

Employee recognition is the application of a scientifically confirmed behavioral psychology principle: employee performance and retention are strongly linked to consistent, appropriate, positive reinforcement of behaviors that promote the organization's goals. A recent conducted by Northwestern University found there is a direct link between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction, and furthermore between customer satisfaction and improved financial performance. RPI fosters this link in the recognition industry by ensuring that members are always at the forefront of developments and practices in workforce recognition as an influential contributor to the company’s bottom line.

Why the name change? In-depth research comprised of membership and stakeholder interviews and extensive surveys found that a new brand was needed to reflect RPI’s growing global membership and professional image. The new name RPI and tagline “Encouraging Excellence” were launched at the 10th Annual Conference in Savannah, Georgia in May 2007. Executive Director, Christi Gibson said, “Our new brand, Recognition Professionals International, speaks to our mission to provide professional education and define best practices in the field of recognition. Our new name also aligns more closely with our Certified Recognition Professional designation.”
RPI is the only non-profit association offering a certification program on recognition strategy and implementation. In addition to the new name and new logo, a new website has been launched at For more information about the RPI Best Practice Program, research studies, Certified Recognition Professional courses and additional resources RPI offers visit their website

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