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2015 RPI Board of Directors Nominations Form

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By completing this form and signing below, I agree to place my name in nomination for a three-year term on the RPI Board of Directors, beginning April 2015 and ending April 1, 2018.
____ I have read and signed the RPI Board of Directors Job Description and understand the responsibilities, time commitment and benefits of this position.

____ I also understand that failure to be in attendance for all or any parts of a Board meeting or conference call, without an absence excused by a majority of the Board members present, will result in my termination as a Board member after three such unexcused absences have been recorded during the course of my term in office.

____ On occasion the Board of Directors will discuss matters of a proprietary nature with RPI. I understand and agree that, when the Board so designates, these conversations and discussions will be kept confidential.

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