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BP 2007- City of Tallahassee
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(Some of the files below are large and may take a few minutes to load)

Nomination Form

Exhibit 1- Organizational Values

Exhibit 2- Guiding Principles

 Exhibit 3- Organizational Chart & Service Areas

Exhibit 4- COT's RR Policy 2006

Exhibit 5a- Formal Recognition Nomination Form

Exhibit 5b- Performance Criteria Formal

Exhibit 6- Tallahassee DemocratProd

Exhibit 7a- NCS Hats Competition

Exhibit 7b- NCS Hats Competition Pic

Exhibit 8a- Carnival Flyer

Exhibit 8b- Ice Cream

Exhibit 9- Cm Thanks Customer Service

Exhibit 10a- Performance Criteria Supr Achievement

Exhibit 10b- Supr Achievement Nomination Form

Exhibit 11- Productivity Criteria

Exhibit 12- Service Awards Banquet Program

Exhibit 13a- CM Email all Employees

Exhibit 13b- OC Tanner Gift Link

Exhibit 13c- OC Tanner Gift Link

Exhibit 13d- OC Tanner Gift Link

Exhibit 13e- OC Tanner Gift Link

Exhibit 14- Formal Recognition Process 

Exhibit 15- Superior Achievement Process

Exhibit 16- Productivity Process

Exhibit 17- Process Flow Charts

Exhibit 18a- Formal Recognition Evaluation

Exhibit 18b- Superior Achievement Evaluation Form

Exhibit 18c- Track Authorization Form

Exhibit 19- Productivity Judging Criteria Question Chart

Exhibit 20a- Instant Coupon Log

Exhibit 20b- Congratulations Instant

Exhibit 20c- Shining Star

Exhibit 20d- Customer Service

Exhibit 21- Step by Step

Exhibit 22- RR Tracking

Exhibit 23- RR Flyer Kickoff

Exhibit 24a- Poster Employee Testimonials

Exhibit 24b- Did You Know Flyer

Exhibit 24c- Campaign Poster 2006

Exhibit 24d- Productivity Campaign

Exhibit 24e- Traffic Unit Award

Exhibit 25a- Serv Insta Form Stats

Exhibit 25b- SA & Productivity Stats

Exhibit 26a- Management & Admin Fun

Exhibit 26b- Growth Mgmt Appreciation Day

Exhibit 26c- Airport IEHA 2005

Exhibit 26d- NCS Song at Job

Exhibit 27- Vendor Show

Exhibit 28a- Support Memo from CM 2003

Exhibit 28b- Checklist for Department Directors

Exhibit 29- Budget Trends & Issues

Exhibit 30a- Council Members Jobs

Exhibit 30b- Council Coor Listing 2006

Exhibit 30c- Council Response

Exhibit 30d- Advisory Council Goals

Exhibit 30e- Council Coor Meeting Schedule

Exhibit 30f- RR Council February 06

Exhibit 30g- RR Coordinators 2005

Exhibit 30h- RR Eval Comm

Exhibit 30i- RR Council Thanks Coor Eval

Exhibit 31- Pyramid Excellence

Exhibit 32- Satisfaction Survey 2006

Exhibit 33- UBCS Shining Stars

Exhibit 34- Turnover Statistics

Exhibit 35a- Newsletter Article May 05

Exhibit 35b- Check Stuffer Campaign

Exhibit 35c- Award Winners 2004 Website

Exhibit 35d- Campaign Poster 2006

Exhibit 36- RR Website Homepage

Exhibit 37- Employee Guide

Exhibit 38a- Spotlight on TPD

Exhibit 38b- Spotlight UBCS

Exhibit 39a- Just in Time Pres Train

Exhibit 39b- Just in Time Pres Train

Exhibit 40a- Training Schedule 06

Exhibit 40b- RR Training Curriculum Initial

Exhibit 40c- RR Training PP Show

Exhibit 41- Survive and Thrive

Exhibit 42a- Prod Ceremony Invite

Exhibit 42b- Productivity Ceremony BK

Exhibit 43a- DMA Employee Appreciation
Sent via mail (See photo above)

Exhibit 43b- Aviation Celebration

Exhibit 43c- Planning

Exhibit 43d- Productivity Ceremony

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