Roundtable: An Overview of Gallup StrengthsFinder and How It Ties into Recognition

October 19, 2023 @ 11:00 am CT

It’s not just about giving recognition; it’s about how it’s given!  Showing that you truly care by tailoring the way you recognize employees to the way they like to be recognized is a critical piece of driving engagement. In this session, you will participate in a dialogue with CliftonStrengths Certified coaches, exploring how individual strengths can be leveraged to amplify the impact of recognition to drive engagement, retention, and motivation. This session is for premium practitioner members only. Not a premium practitioner member? Upgrade your membership.

Dana Williams - Ideation | Strategic | Futuristic | Maximizer | Individualization
As founder of Dana Williams Consulting and through her Podcast, Dominate Your Day, Dana provides consulting, coaching, and tools to help individuals and companies leverage their innate strengths every day. With over 25 years of leadership at Southwest Airlines, Dana equips leaders and coaches to transform their life from the inside out.
David Klein - Communication | Discipline | Arranger | Includer | Maximizer
Currently serving as VP, Talent at Spirit Airlines, and Past President for Recognition Professional International (RPI), David is a passionate, pragmatic, and results-driven human resources executive with experience across diverse industries and operating model transformations. He is a strategic partner to executive leadership teams skilled in aligning leaders, culture, and teams to drive results.