Pamela Sabin Recognition Champion Award

Recognition Professionals International (RPI) is accepting nominations for the Recognition Champion Award in honor of Pamela Sabin. Pamela Sabin was a founding member of RPI, a charter member of the Board of Directors, and a true champion of employee recognition. The award will be presented at the IMA Summit. The Recognition Champion nominees will be profiled in RPI’s newsletter and featured on the RPI website. Award recipients are encouraged to take an active role in promoting recognition through RPI leadership opportunities.

If you or someone you know exemplifies the qualities listed below, please complete the Recognition Champion Nomination Form and submit it to the RPI office by the specified deadline. Include the individual's name, a description of the organization/company, a list of the recognition program(s) initiated by the nominee, and a description of the obstacles the nominee overcame to implement these initiatives.

Include details about the outcome of the recognition initiatives. For example, indicate the percentage of total employees that participated; note if the organization realized its intended goals as a result of the initiative(s); note if the initiative(s) has/have become a part of the organization’s culture. Detail a specific recognition initiative that this person is especially proud to have developed.

This award is presented at the IMA Summit. Award recipients are asked to register and attend the Summit to be recognized for their contributions to the recognition industry.

The Recognition Champion Award in honor of Pamela Sabin honors people who exemplify the qualities of a recognition champion by the following criteria:

  • Display leadership in taking the initiative to spread the message throughout their organization.
  • Exhibit passion in promoting the principles of recognition by addressing and/or overcoming obstacles.
  • The organization's program and/or initiative demonstrates an on-going commitment to recognition practices including measurement.
  • The nominee demonstrates a commitment and serves as a role model for recognition practices in word and delivery.

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12/13/2022 - 12/13/2022
RPI Annual Meeting