For more than 20 years, Recognition Professionals International (RPI) has been the independent authority and voice in driving employee engagement through a recognition strategy based on research, practice and standards.

We believe that employee performance is the key to success for any organization. We know, based on extensive research, that employee performance is enhanced by systematic employee recognition, which is defined as the acknowledgement of individual and team behavior that supports an organization’s goals and values.

The purposes of the RPI Best Practice Standards® program are to:

  • Establish objective standards for evaluating employee recognition programs;
  • Recognize organizations that successfully implement recognition programs; and,
  • Provide illustrations of recognition RPI Best Practice Standards® with RPI’s membership.

The RPI Best Practice Standards® Awards honor organizations who implement the RPI Best Practice Standards®, which are based on knowledge gained from academic literature, professional conferences, and shared experiences in developing successful recognition programs. Standards are designed to be useful for the creation and evaluation of recognition programs in the public and private sectors, large and small organizations, and organizations with single or multiple locations or functions. The RPI awards are presented at the annual IMA Summit for organizations who achieve excellence in one or more of the standards.

There are seven RPI Best Practice Standards®:

Standard 1: Recognition Strategy
Standard 2: Management Responsibility
Standard 3: Recognition Program Measurement
Standard 4: Communication Plan
Standard 5: Recognition Training
Standard 6: Recognition Events and Celebrations
Standard 7: Program Change and Flexibility 

Why Apply?

  • Recognition—All winners will be recognized at the IMA Summit 2022, in our enews, in press releases and our website. Winners will also receive a digital badge for use on their website/email signature for quick instant recognition that your company has achieved an Industry Standard award for their recognition program.
  • Awareness & Engagement—Being named a Best Practice Winner will elevate your company's employer brand and improve recruiting.
  • Achieve the Industry Standard in Recognition—RPI is the foremost authority on effective and measurable recognition strategies and sets the best practice standard.
  • Receive Feedback—Get insights and actionable feedback from industry experts on how you can improve your program.