Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors for the IMA Middle East and Africa is as follows:


Julie Leblan
CEO & Founder of Merit Incentives

Julie Leblan is a french native based in Dubai.

Julie set up Mylist Group in 2012, a company headquarteted in Dubai with offices in KSA and Egypt. MyList has 27 employees and is the first platform of gifts & rewards and technologies associated to it (gift card software, engagement platforms and applications) in the Middle East covering 10 countries (GCC, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and India). MyList has large local and international clientele including mobile operators, banks, airlines, governments (Dubai Police, Road and Transport Authority...), oil & gas, hospitality, healthcare, ... for employees and/or customers. MyList created the first universal gift card across currencies in 2012. 

Some of Julie's other most prized accomplishments include being founder of WIN by FBC, General Secretary of the FBC, Member of DBWC, EO Accelerator. She was a finalist of International Business Excellence Awards 2015 (Inspirational Female Leader) and a winner of French Creative Entrepreneur Award 2016. Julie was listed as one of the 100 most innovative Arab World Start Ups by Forbes Middle East 2017 and as one of the Top 12 up and coming companies in the Middle East by Forbes in 2018.

Julie has successfully launched Merit Incentives corporate activity 2 years ago in 2016. 


Debbie Ghillino
Managing Director, The Incentive Company